Who’s the Cheef?

CheefHobo is a 20-something guy from Madras who lives to travel. While he’s not travelling the physical realm, his mind is on an adventure of its own, dreaming about the next big escape from routine. His dream is to wander the corners of the universe and to inspire others to do the same.

Here is his current bucket list.

1. Visit at least 98 countries (87 to go)

2. Become a licensed skydiver and learn wingsuit flying (If you think skydiving is fun, this will blow your mind!)

3. Learn lucid dreaming

4. Ride a motorcycle at a speed exceeding 300 km/h

5. Take part in the Peruvian Ayahuasca ceremony


He can also be found at the following links:



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28 thoughts on “Who’s the Cheef?

  1. Enjoyed your post about France. Although I’ve done a little traveling outside of the US in the past, most of my traveling these days is as a circuit-riding grandma and mom. However, I am doing my passport app tomorrow so I can visit my kids in S Korea and France, and I still hope to get to Africa and back to Israel some day. So I will follow your adventures and enjoy your traveling vicariously.

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  2. Hi CheefHobo, nice blog! Liked your posts and your attempt to write ABOUT you was great, though, I confess that it stirred up my curiosity to know your nationality. I’m following.
    On another rote, I thought you may want to know that at first I used my iPhone following your link on the reader, and when trying to go from ABOUT to the posts, the arrows didn’t work at all. I had to wait to comment here when arriving home and using my mac, as I thought you should know that. Is this a mobile responsive theme? Considering that most people use mobiles, you may not want your followers to miss your post. Anyways, I’m not a techie and maybe this was just a temporary error.


    • Thanks, I’m glad you liked it 🙂 I’m from India.

      Oh, I’m not sure how it’s supposed to work with the app. I’m still trying to streamline this page so that I’m able to reach you guys. I’ll look into it and hopefully it was just a temporary error. If not, I’ll play around with other themes. Thanks for letting me know. Appreciate it.


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  5. Hey hi ..!! I came across your blog from Jithin’s space and he speaks highly of you 🙂
    Glad to be in touch and I am off to read your posts ..!!
    See you around !! 🙂


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